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Local Fencing Contractor Charleston

Years of service setting up both residential and commercial fences on properties spread across Charleston has brought us a ton of experience in this industry. We can dare say in confidence that we are indeed the best fencing contractors in Charleston and surrounding areas. We even have a full portfolio of past projects to back.

Every member of our team already has the skill and experience needed in fencing installation, fencing repair, and fence maintenance. We love challenges. Whatever material, whatever fencing design, we say bring it on. The second you contact us, we quickly swing into action. We try to capture every demand, every detail of what type of fence you want, and then we set up a date to visit your property.

We have all the tools needed to construct anything from the most straightforward garden fences to the most complex residential or commercial fences. What’s more, we are certified experts in fencing, which gives you the proof of credibility and the confidence you need to trust that we will do a great job and to allow us on your property.

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What separates us from the rest?

It’s no secret that there are many other fencing companies in the Charleston area. You’re probably wondering what it is that gives us an upper hand over others. Well, you should hire us because;

Attentive to Detail

Not only are we keen to listen to your demands, but we are also quite eager to ensure that those same demands are reflected on the fencing project once it is complete. We understand that it’s the little details that separate a good fence from a mediocre one.

We are experts because we leave no stone unturned, we have a checklist of all the things that need to be attended to in a project, and we don’t pack our bags and go until we’ve checked all those boxes.

Highest Quality Standards

We specialize in putting up different types of fences made from different materials. If, for example, you want a wooden fence, we take the initiative to source our timber from the best suppliers. We go out of our way to ascertain that these suppliers are recognized and certified to produce and distribute high-quality timber.

Trust that whichever type of fence you want us to install on your property, we take it upon ourselves to maintain the highest quality standards.

Affordable Pricing

It’s not hard to find a contractor quick to price a fencing project without factoring in all the needs and aspects. We take the time to visit your property first and then prepare a reasonably priced quotation, having taken into consideration all the challenges and needs of the project.

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Our Background

We have been in the fencing business for many years, and our experts have been with us every step of the way. By providing efficient and pocket-friendly solutions, we make sure that the customer gets the best service there is available on the market today.

We train our experts in the art of installing and maintaining fences and keep up with all the latest and the greatest methods on the market which make our jobs a little faster, a little easier, and a lot better.

We are constantly open to new methods which make our fences last even longer. We aim to provide customers (with the proper care) a fence that lasts up to 50 years.

Our company constantly improves and adapts to our customers. For example, we went above and beyond our competition and went for the newest method when it came to installing wooden fences.

We also adopted techniques over the years of experience that allowed us to slow down the decay of the wood underground by a long time, which provided us with great insights and a good amount of customer satisfaction.


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Our Mission

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Our mission is without a doubt to make our customers happy by providing an exceptional service that cannot be beaten by our competitors.

With advancements in fencing installation, we’re constantly innovating and providing the customers with opportunities and experiences like there haven’t been before.

We train our experts in the art of installing and maintaining fences and keep up with all the latest and the greatest methods on the market which make our jobs a little faster, a little easier, and a lot better.

  • Research for the best possible fence installation methods
  • Surveying the land with proper tools as well as providing expert opinion
  • Giving the market a slew of new methods that make fencing a whole lot easier

Our customer support teams have been trained and have been built up from the ground up for giving our customers the best experiences regardless of their request or type of work.

We strive to bring customers their fair share of quality products and give them a guaranteed experience.