Chain Link Fence Installation

Chain Link Fence Installation & Repair

Do you need to make your yard safe and secure for your children or pets? An area where they can play freely but not be able to roam off your property?

Chain link fences are an affordable and durable fencing option. They also require almost no maintenance.

There is no doubt that chain link fencing purely focuses on security. They are long-lasting, cost-efficient, and great for keeping things in or keeping things out.

Often called hurricane or cyclone fencing, they are made up of woven metal that interlock with each other. In a zig-zag direction, they are joined together to form what looks like diamond patterns.

Benefits of chain link fence in Charleston Property:

Considering the advantages of chain link fences, these fences are not that visually attractive. Their job is to provide security and that is something they do extremely well.

Often, you will find these kinds of fences in backyards, playgrounds, empty lots, sports fields, industrial warehouses, and more.

They are also used very commonly in military bases, highway projects, and more.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Excellent Security
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Rust defensive material
  • Wet soaked concrete footings
  • Different sizing options and strength
  • PDS strips (optional)for privacy
  • A solid structure to withstand elements
  • Black, Brown, or Green Vinyl coating options


Whatever the size or scope of your property, we can provide a good fencing product that’s built to last. We will complete your job on time with our skilled team. Whether you need a chain link fence to surround and secure a large commercial property or you are a homeowner who would like a fence installed in your backyard to provide a little privacy, we can help.

No matter what your specific needs are, our installation contractors will provide punctual, personalized service and will treat your property with the utmost care and respect. If you’re looking for an affordable, secure fencing material for your backyard, driveway, pool, or other outdoor space, we are a great choice.


chain link fence installation

Why choose Charleston Fence Work for Chain Link Fence Installation


Being among the best and most reliable fencing companies in Charleston SC, we know how chain link fences work and how we can set them up in little to no time as compared to other companies.

With our experienced and professional fence installers in the crew, we have years of background in this field and are proficient in our work.

When it comes to setting up chain link fences, we know that there cannot be any problem. Therefore we pay close attention to detail to avoid any problems regarding security in the future.


  • Quick turnaround time
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Professional installing method and up-to-date equipment
  • Professional and well-trained staff
  • Fast response time
  • High-quality materials


We have created a loyal clientele because of our hard-working staff, great customer support, and proficiency in installing chain link fences in every Charleston property. Our new customers quickly become our regulars whenever they want fences anywhere on their property.

Our attention to detail allows us to pick out any hindrances when installing fences. We know that these fences have a purpose, and that is security and there are no compromises to that.

We first survey the land and get a general idea of how to install the fences. We pick out the most secure and the most efficient way of planting the fences and make sure that there are no security weaknesses.

  • Mark out the property
  • Provide in-depth coverage to choose the best methods of installing
  • Use modern methods for installing

Since it is relatively easy to install this kind of fencing, most companies will not pay attention to detail. This can lead to the fences malfunctioning especially during heavy winds and storms.

” There service is outstanding! “

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