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If you own a pool in your property, then you should consider a pool fence installation service. Installing a fence around your pool would be an excellent idea to keep out unauthorized people or even pets from getting too close to the pool. You could also have a pool fence type that would keep away any young children that might drown in the pool.

We could have the pool fence installed for your pool because of our expertise in the field. This is because we have at our disposal several varieties of pool fences that would be ideal for being installed around your pool. For instance, the mesh pool would work to keep pets from coming too close to the pool. This would be ideal to prevent unnecessary accidents in case they fall into the water.

The pool fence type that you would have to install for your pool depends on what you would wish to achieve with the process. There are many types of fences that you can go for that will suit any of the reasons that led you to take the action.

retractable pool fence would be used because it provides a sense of convenience when it comes to access to the pool. It is a fashionable type of fence and does not look that much bulky when used.

You could install a pool fence for dogs that should keep them away from the pool at all times. The pool is not the best place for pets whether you own a cat, dog, or any other pets. If they are exposed to an open pool they might fall into it and this is probably the last thing that you want to deal with.

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Another idea is to have a pool fence gate installed within the fence that would serve as an entry or exit point into and out of the pool. It would be ideal so that only those who are authorized can get to the pool while the other lot are effectively kept away. You could have it locked or leave it free but whatever suits you will work fairly well.

If you want an excellent idea that would develop a safe playing ground for your children in the backyard is to install a removable fence. These types of pool fences are quite easy to put up and are of excellent convenience when you use them in your backyard. They do not take that long to install and could be easily removed when you want that to be done.

Charleston Fence Works services are recommended to avoid inconveniences that are brought about by having a pool that is not well secured. You might have to deal with a lot of issues that range from unwanted materials getting into the pool or even other uninvited guests using the pool when you and your family are away. The pool might get too dirty and you will have to clean up after them often.

We would recommend the best type of pool fence that you could go for that will meet your needs. There is a removable type of fence that you could install that should serve for a specific period and you could then take it out. Such types of fence are the best for use if you are holding an event or party and would want to limit entry or passage into the areas around the pool.


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Reasons why you will need a pool fence installation


  • Enhanced pool safety
  • Reduce accidents and drowning
  • Custom choices available
  • Peace of mind and convenience
  • Save on homeowners insurance
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


If you are interested in glass pool fencing, or metal pool fencing or vinyl pool fencing, please call Charleston Fence Work at (843) 595-8276 today to set up your free in-home estimate!

Installing a pool fence would be ideal for your case if you are not the only one that uses the compound. The compound might be used as a playing ground for your kids and many other people. You will, therefore, need to block any access points that lead to the pool as a measure against any risks that may arise.

When a professional pool fence installation contractor visits your compound for the task, they should be able to put up an effective structure. The structure they install should be able to block all the access positions to the pool effectively. The fence should be strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions so that you do not have to incur a lot in terms of expenses when you are maintaining the fence every once in a while. Our fence contractors at Charleston Fence Works do a great job in pool fence installation and ensure that all access points are securely fenced for safety.

Charleston Fence Works will have you covered because our fence installers are highly trained and experienced in the whole idea of pool installation services. Our expertise provides us with the best technique needed to have the pool fence well installed for you and will guarantee that you are not inconvenienced in any way with unauthorized personnel or even pets gaining access to your pool.

When planning for the installation of your pool fence, you should consider having it fully surrounded by the fence. This will do the trick of having the pool locked from other people other than just relying on the already existing fence that covers your backyard. This is mainly if that particular fence is not in the best shape and could easily be tampered with and let in those you want to keep out of the pool in your backyard.

You could also consider having either a straight or a curved fence installed around your pool. The straight pool fence type is ideal if you do not want to spend too much on the project and it is much simpler to install. On the other hand, the curved pool fence type is difficult to pull through and might be costlier than the former type of pool fence that you could go for. Either way, they both provide neat and elegant fencing for your pool.

Depending on the nature of your patio or the pool itself, you might have to adopt a different type of fencing. Another idea is simply to fence the sides of the pool effectively and make use of the structures that are already existing. Our professional pool fence installation technicians should be able to provide the best fencing that should work out for your fencing project.


Our Pool Fence Installation Service

safety fence is recommended for anyone that has a pool. However, many people don’t really know what to look for when they need a pool fence installationCharleston residents are lucky enough to have an excellent selection of professionals that can install the fence and offer enough choices so that they can find something to suit their needs. Charleston Fence Works is one of the top quality fencing contractor serving the Charleston city and surrounding areas.

Pool safety is important for all families that have pools. A basic part of this is in installing a safety pool fence that will keep the entire family happy. Because of the intricacies of the installation process, many find that professional installers are the best way to go to save time and money. However, it is just as important to choose the right service provider as it is the actual equipment that will be installed.

When looking for the right company to install a pool fence in your Charleston property, residents should contact Charleston Fence Works at (843) 595-8276 today.


  • Licensed professionals
  • Top-quality service
  • Experienced fence builders
  • Affordable fencing
  • Hassle-free fence installation
  • Installation warranty


Pool Fence Installation is a great way to secure your loved ones as well as add value to your property. We install a highly-durable and long-lasting fence for your property, hassle-free. We are a professional fence installer that you can trust with securing your property. All you have to do is choose the fence type that you want and we customize it for your needs.

If you want to get your pool fencing installed by professionals for your residential or commercial property, give Charleston Fence Work a call today and watch our experts, design and engineer a fence installation that turns your vision into reality.


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